A delightful evening with Iain Dale

Iain Dale, star blogger and publisher, spoke to the Curzon Supper Club last night, at its regular venue, the Half Moon Restaurant in Windlesham. Wonderfully organised by Robin Horsley. Duty done, links given.

Iain’s talk on politics, ranged from the influence of the blogosphere at elections [not as much as thought in our short election campaigns], to why he wants to be an MP.  Because in his own words, commentators and journalists can pontificate all they like, but the opportunity to bring about change is through being an MP. Iain spoke amusingly about his experiences in trying to get selected as a candidate, expressing concern at the likely lack of older MP’s in the next parliament. And also on the difficulty people over 50 have in getting selected [Iain’s only 47, so there’s still hope for him]. 

Now, I know what more you want from me, my impressions of the great man. Happy to oblige.

It’s so easy for political types to adopt a hectoring, driven, abrasive, or an overly forceful style of delivery. Not so with Iain. He’s a superb communicator, with a pleasing, rounded, and soothing voice. The inner steel and intellectual rigor is there, but opinion and comment is offered with an engaging warmth and in an involving, not showy way. I think I know why Iain is so good on TV. It’s his authenticity, intelligence and unaffected nature, because that’s just how he appeared to us last night.

The Curzon Supper Club adopts a casual dress code. Iain’s tie, I assure you it’s much more colourful than in the picture. Oh, and by the way, I had my picture taken next to Iain. I looked a twerp. So, the most you’ll see of me is my reflection taking the picture in the window behind.

Perhaps I should have said this at the start. The reason for this post, simply that Iain’s contribution is unmatched in the creation of a vibrant political blog culture in the UK. He set the standard.

Finally, when having read Iain’s blog on a daily basis for years, and learned about Gio, diabetes, and raw politics, you get to meet the man, it’s a slightly odd feeling, almost like a distant uncle has come to visit. So close, but so distant, so many questions, so little time.

3 thoughts on “A delightful evening with Iain Dale

  1. As ever Cllr, a superb blog.

    I actually think that Iain is far more suited to a media future rather than Parliamentary politics, but there are lots of media and journo types who make the transition, including of course, our very own…

    A great night out and a far superior venue!


  2. Brilliant post Tim – well said. Don’t agree with you MacLeod. But I do think you might be better off doing something other than politics – how about driving a gritting lorry?


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