Even journalists are tired of Labour and this Parliament

Jon Craig, Sky News’ chief political correspondent, is in my list of the top 10 political journalists. Being so close to parliament, MP’s, party politics, and the government press office seems to induce both cynicism and disdain. Proof of this, if it was ever needed, is in two blog posts by Jon Craig in Sky News’s Boulton & Co blog this week.

The first instance is about Prime Ministers Questions. Here’s what Jon thinks about them following news that PMQ’s could be moved to Thursday’s under David Cameron:

“The Tory leader also wants “substantive business” in the Commons on a Thursday, rather than the dross (my word, not his) that fills the order paper on Thursdays these days. I’ve always suspected that the downgrading of Thursday business (and Gordon Brown’s moving of the weekly Cabinet meeting from Thursday to Tuesday) was a deliberate move to allow the tartan mafia in the Cabinet – and former Speaker Michael Martin – to slope off back to Scotland soon after PMQs on a Wednesday.”

“So yes, let’s have PMQs and serious Commons business on a Thursday. And while we’re about it, how about moving the Cabinet meeting back to Thursday?”

Secondly, it’s about the investigation into the Damian Green affair where the Tory MP’s office in parliament was raided by police. Jon Craig wonders, ever so subtly, about the reasons for claims by parliamentary staff about the timing of publication of news of this event. After all, Jon was first to break the news on Sky News:

“Cock-up, conspiracy or cover-up? Jack’s defiant response and his refusal to admit he may have been mistaken about the time he learned of Green’s arrest might lead some people to rule out a cock-up.”

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