Humour in the Camberley News

I had a few good chats last year with Mike Wright, editor of the Camberley News, during a long day at the count for the County and European elections last year. Midway through that day a climate change protestor glued himself to the front door of BAM Nuttall’s offices. Quite a kerfuffle it was too. Witnessing a good story, Mike was in his element. Quietly impressive.

Anyway, onto the story. Mike spoke to me about my blog post on my disagreeing with Michael Gove’s choice of music. Wowee, I was surprised at the article about it that appeared on page 3 of Jan 1st’s edition of the Camberley News. I hope it was entertaining for readers. It amused me. Goodness, Mike had even secured a comment from Michael Gove himself, and more to the point Michael Gove, gentleman that he is, said something nice about me. Click on article to enlarge. [Picture of me at a Lightwater Fair in the Square, pouring a Hog’s Back beer for visitors].

To both Michael’s, thanks boys, you brought a smile to my face, and I hope to others.

One thought on “Humour in the Camberley News

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