Is their a little list?

I wonder if David Cameron and his shadow cabinet have a little list of public service employees that they’d like to remove.  Of course, that’s if they form the next government, which I fervently hope they do.

The reason I ask, is that Labour have placed highly political people in places of power in the public services. Keir Starmer – the Director of Public Prosecutions, being one such, who seems happy to openly stray into areas of public policy, normally the preserve of elected individuals. This week Kier Starmer rejected the need for a change in the law on homeowners protecting themselves. Previously, Starmer has spoken openly in the debate about assisted suicide. Speaking openly on issues such as these, makes for difficult relationship with elected bosses.

I wonder if there’s a little list. If there is, I’m sure that Keir Starmer is on it. I’m certain he’d be on Douglas Carswell’s list too.

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