A review of 2009’s blog posts

Firstly, I do hope you had an enjoyable and hassle-free Christmas holiday. Before getting to the helter-skelter world of politics and current affairs, I thought you might excuse me for looking back over the blog posts of the last year.

  1. Friday Facts: I’m surprised I’ve managed to complete six this year. They do take quite a bit of research, although it’s enjoyable to learn more about where you live. They are: 4 – Statue of General Gordon, 5 – Bisley Clock Tower, 6 – Coldingley Prison, 7 – John Betjeman and Camberley, 8 – Victoria Monument, 9 – St Barbara’s Garrison Church. Click on Friday Fact in the Category Cloud to see the list.
  2. Photo Quiz: I only managed 4 photo quiz entries, again they do require research, so time precludes more. They were: 12 – Pipeline markers, 13 – Broadmoor siren, 14 – A Lightwater footbridge, 15 – Bagshot Drinking Trough.
  3. Recession: A new blog category – Recession – contains thirty posts, many with insightful graphs on the state of the UK economy.
  4. Momentous Moments: Another new category. I imagined there might be more than just the one in the year, but, big changes in society are rare. I’m sure there’ll be more this year.
  5. Education: Click on the Education category, and you’ll see numerous posts on exam results. New to me was the difficulty in gaining access to them, and their usefulness for judging a school’s performance. Good to know our MP, Michael Gove, is hopefully going to make a big, big impact in our education system this year.
  6. Polls: A newly available facility of the blog host, to post online voting polls, proved nowhere near as popular as I’d imagined.

Enough of a review methinks. I’ve probably missed a few key topics, ones like the surprising interest of past students of Lightwater’s Paddock Wood Girls Finishing School, in my blog posts on its history.

However, a new year approaches. New ideas for this blog are wandering around in my brain, as yet they remain wholly random and unformed.

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