Elections 2009: various conversations with voters

It’s frankly surprising that a voter would collect a ballot paper and return it to the ballot box without a vote. This happened more than once at these elections.

Messages on ballot Papers: Much more entertaining than blank papers are the spoiled ballot papers, where a voter has written all over the ballot paper. Apart from those with rude words, where the counting clerks said, ‘at least he can spell’, there was the one on the European ballot paper that said,

“None of you are getting my vote, You’re all thieving ………”

What UKIP voters have said: I’ve bumped into quite a few people who voted UKIP at the European elections. They all claimed to be natural Tory voters, and all said something similar to,

“I voted to join the Common Market in the 1970’s. But, I didn’t vote for ‘ever closer union’ that has resulted. I’m not confident the Conservatives have a policy that meets my expectations on Europe.”

Interesting. Cameron hasn’t ‘sealed the deal’ on Europe for these people. 

Encountering BNP supporters: Being vilified as much as they are, coming across BNP supporters/candidates one would expect a forked tail and horns. Silly of course. They must like their own company, because no one engaged them in conversation. I wonder, is that the correct policy, to ignore them. We’re all going to have to think about them now they’ve two MEP’s. I think it’s easier to engage with them when you remember they are the fascist left, and not the fascist right.

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