Fancy, I can help the girl’s get together for a reunion

My original post, in Friday Fact No 2, on Paddock Wood Girls Finishing School surprisingly attracted comments from some of its past students, which prompted me to do some research into the history of the school.

I posted that research on this blog in – Lightwater’s famous Paddock Wood Girls Finishing School. I’ve even mailed copies of the press articles, which I collected in my research, to a past student resident in Argentina. To another past student, this time resident in Brazil, I’ve recommended ways to get in touch with past students.

Today, I received another comment from a past student, again wondering about a potential reunion of past students.

Well, here’s my suggestion. Contact me, either through this blog, or to my council email address –, and I’ll build an address and email list of past students. I’ll then create a short newsletter with suggestions on how to keep in touch or maybe to arrange a reunion. I might even see if it’s possible to visit the remaining school buildings and speak to one or two of the people who own flats in those buildings. There’s quite a bit of the grounds that remain, which I feel sure might prompt happy memories.

So, if you’re a past student of Paddock Wood Girls Finishing School in Lightwater, and fancy contacting other past students, let me know. I’m happy to be the facilitator, although I’ve no intention other than to just to get things going.

I’ve the email addresses of those commenting on Friday Fact No 2, and from ‘googling’ research I’ve found two other past students – Chiara Garioni and Ana Maria Capbert. I suggest past students use the Pipl, Friends Reunited, Schoolguidez websites and similar, which might throw up more names.

60 thoughts on “Fancy, I can help the girl’s get together for a reunion

  1. I was sent your blog link by another ex Paddock Wood Pupil, it is lovely to see this history of the school and a potential reunion albeit I now live in Spain! My name is Laura Charles and I was at Paddock Wood from 1978 to 1980. :)

  2. It would be great to have a reunion! I spend a few days in the area on business every year and often take a ‘pilgrimage’ to the housing estate where the school was! I was there in 1969/70. Would love to hear from anyone else particularly from that era!

  3. I would love to make contact with some of the girls from overseas and any help you can give would be fantastic – I was advised by an ex student on Friends Reunited. I was at Paddock Wood in 1967-8.
    Many thanks

  4. As a typical cancerian women I’d love to receive news from all the girls from all over the world that I met at Paddock in 1976-77. I’m from Brazil and I have wonderfull memories from that time!

  5. Rita, if you were there in 76/77, so was I. What was your maiden name. I was Pippa Lowe.

    Yesterday Tim Dodds – the founder and author of this lovely website – had tea at a local hotel to discuss Paddock Wood! It’s amazing how much he enlightened me about it, things I didn’t know. There must be so much more to find out. He’s given me some ideas and tips and shortly I’ll be putting some into practice. In the meantime, if you’re reading this and were at Paddock Wood anytime up until it closed, in the 1980’s and would like to contact me – I’ll happily put a database of email addresses together for students to contact each other – please do so via this site. Tim is more than happy to facilitate. I hope to hear from you! All for now! Pippa

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  7. Pippa…Pippa…Pippa… I’m trying to remember, maybe yes!
    I’m from Brazil and I was often with the girls of South America, like Elena Madalengoitia, Silvia Segura, Patricia from Rio…, than I remember Ana Maria, then Rashida from Marocco, Nazin from Iran, and many other girls. I’ll try to send a photo of mine and maybe our “cupido” will find a way to pubblish it.
    All the best

  8. I enjoyed reading this article and learning more about a school I attended during 1980 – 81. I am still in touch with 2 girls from Barbados, and 2 English friends now based in New York and Hong Kong. Infact, I ended up living in Barbados for five years. It was an unusual year and marked the beginning of the world becoming my oyster.

  9. Girls,

    I’ve passed your email addresses to Pippa Anderson – the lovely lady with whom I took tea recently – and I’m sure she’ll be in touch with you all in the near future.

    The start, perhaps, of renewed friendships.

  10. I spent 6 weeks at Paddock wood finishing school during the summer holidays in 1974. Great experience for me and I always thought of sending my daughter to the place I first had a chance to be on my own, away from home, Iran. Now that I have two daughters, 10 and 14, the school is no more there. Helas!
    Would love to contact anyone from back then.

  11. Mandana, thank you. I’ll pass your details to a past student who’s looking to get students back in touch with one another.

  12. Pippa – I was at Paddock Wood also 76/77 and remember Rita Barbosa (I’m sure we shared the 6 bedded room with Mandy Hughes, little Nazin, Renata, also from Brazil, and Emma who wanted to become a nurse) Other names I remember were Alison, who liked to be called ‘George’, and a really pretty oriental girl named Candy.

    Remember those chaperoned trips to Harrods?! And Ladies Day at Ascot – just think, we were THERE 33 years ago today, or was Ladies Day yesterday?

    Would love to join your quest to find as many girls from the year 76/77 as we can. It’d be amazing to have a reunion!

    Keep in touch!

  13. Hi Rita,

    I remember you! Maybe we even shared a room 76/77 at Paddock Wood.

    I was in the room of 6 with Mandy Hughes (with the red hair – she always called it “Strawberry Blond!), Nazin, Renata from Brazil with a boyfriend she used to be mad over, whose name is on the tip of my tongue, another girl whose name I think was Sarah and Emma. I also remember the other girls you mentioned, as well as Anne who was a weekly boarder, Noreen, Kimberley and George (Alison)!

    It’s a great idea to be able to have a chat again after all these years or even better, meet up for a reunion.

    I think I remember Pippa too, think she had long blond hair?

    Hope you read this message and get back to me soon.

    Love Michele x

  14. Hi,

    So pleased to have at last found a connection to girls I was with at Paddock Wood!

    I was there the year of 76/77 and remember Pippa and Rita Barbosa as well as many others who’d I’d love to see again – a reunion would be so nice, after 33 years!

    You’ve started something great – please keep in contact!

  15. I was at Paddock Wood around 1963. It is just wonderful that at last I have found a connection to the girls at Paddock Wood. I had a friend from Australia, Persia and Hong Kong. Carlene

  16. Dear Pippa,

    I hope that you will remember me, I hope that we all can meet up one day.

    yasaman Amirparviz

    I was there from 1974-1976

  17. Dear Carlene and everyone else on who visits this lovely website!

    I was at Paddock Wood, tho not until 1976/77.

    I’m currently putting a database of former students of Paddock Wood together and wondered if you wished to be added to it. There are less than 20 of us on it currently but perhaps you’d join us?

    Are you in touch with anyone else from your days at Paddock Wood? If so, please forward them my email address. I live very close to Paddock Wood, well what’s left of it as it’s now a housing estate however, The Lodge still stands as does the other main boarding house, tho not the main house where Mr & Mrs Saville lived.

    Tim Dodds and I have met – over a lovely cup of tea at a super hotel locally as you’ll have read – and discussed the possibility of a Reunion; with his help, we may even get to visit The Lodge or another building, in that he is a local councillor with many contacts.

    Please, if you feel able, do contact me direct on as it would be lovely to hear from you.

    Best wishes – Pippa Anderson

  18. Tim – please can you keep me posted on any further additions from any other Paddock Woodians? Also, any chance you could forward me the following email addresses so I can be in touch:

    Michele Baum (Milman)
    Yasaman AmirParviz
    Mandana Ghashghai
    Carlene Ford

  19. Hello, I was in Paddock Wood in 1968, not as a student but as an employee. I taught some French to the English students and also worked as a secretary for French.
    Just to telle you that we sometimes meet on facebook in a group around PW. where we published some pictures.

  20. Of course!!!
    Now I remembered very well Michele but I still have to remember Pippa!! Michele has an excellent memory!!! She remembered every girl in OUR ROOM!!! it’s incredible, isn’t?? We shared the some room and found found each other by internet!!!!!!
    I can’t beliave it!!!!
    I’m very happy and for shure we are going to find others from Paddock!!
    A lot of kisses,

  21. I was in Paddock Wood around 1963. I was in the main house. I remember the big clock in the hall. My bedroom was next door to Mrs Savilles private lounge and led onto a patio. I shared with someone called Alice from Hong Kong. A young girl from South America and a Belgium girl call Beatrice. I had two friends from what was then Persia Soraya and Fatima.
    I remember a member of staff called Miss Mintor and Mrs Savilles niece took me for French.

  22. Dear Tim,

    I received an e-mail from pippa anderson, but accidently I deleted the questions she asked me.


  23. Dear Mandana,

    This is yasaman amirparviz, I was in the same year as you were, was your
    surname farzaneh before.


  24. Dear Pippa,

    You have not changed, but if you want a picture of me, you can go to facebook under and find my picture.


  25. I am from Mexico, and was attending Paddock Wood in 1974/1975. Will be great to hear from any one from those years, Regards.

  26. Dear Tim,

    I would like to get in touch with mandana ghashghaie, but the e-mail i got from pippa for her was wrong.

    can you help me to get in touch with her.

  27. I am from Mexico and attended Paddock Wood in 1975/1976. I lost contact with all my friends, even Mexicans. If by any chance you happen to have any e-mail contact from those years, it would be great to hear from my companions, especially, from my roommates, Fiona Robinson (English), Melanie Turner (English) and Rosa Maria Nader (Mexican) we shared exceptional times!!! Thank you to all of you that are making this possible. I do have some photos of that time that I will gladly share with you, if interested.

  28. Lordes – I was there the year you were there! Hello and how are you! A very warm welcome from the creator of the Paddock Wood database. Please email me directly on and I can fill you in further.

    Great to hear from you!


  29. hi patrrica from mexico this laila . i do remember you and your sister . do you remember me . i was with my sister sana . we were from jordan.. if you remember let me know . lobna was our friend. hope to hear from you soon . so we can keep in touch. laila

  30. hi pat iam looking for maryke v .Bergeyk email address . from holland . ani macarology from turkey . and shuhreh shubair from iran..any information please let me know

  31. Hi Michele my dear friend…..your post made my day my week and probably my year a wonderful surprise….I have been searching my lovely friends from PW for so many years that sometimes I thought all my memories were to be kept by myself.Our bedroom was one of the best memories I keep from that moment of my life.I married 4 years after I left PW and had 2 girls( 27 and 28 years old) now I had 2 grandsons (2 and 3 years old)…..Let’s leave all the stories for a future meetings.Hope to meet Nazi…and all the Spanish speaking gils….the girls from Middle East and of course you….I remember Yasmin Parvis too( let’s contact her)….Best regards Renata

  32. Hi Renata,
    I’m so pleased to hear from you – can’t believe you got married so young – although you were very mature I remember, and always crying over Marcello!!! Not surprised you got snapped up quick – you were so pretty!
    Do you remember I was also crazy about a boyfriend then, Gary? I didn’t marry him either!! I got married 14 years after leaving Paddock Wood – I obviously wasn’t as mature as you! I’ve got 2 children, Bianca 17 and Dexter, 15. I’m 50 this Friday and thought I felt old, until you tell me you’ve got 2 GRANDCHILDREN!!!!! Now I feel even older! Amazing.
    Are you living in England or Brazil?
    I live in North London and when Pippa arranges a reunion for us, I can’t wait to see you again.
    Lots of love x

  33. Oh my God!!!Michele, I can’t believe I finally find the girls from PW….I’ve been searching you for such a long time….I live in Brazil as always…but sometimes I go to Europe not as often as I go to USA where I have a brother who lives in NYC.Please send me your e-mail address so that we could chat a little bit more about those 30 years…Pippa has got mine.Of course I remember Gary….he was your Marcello…Thank you so much for your reply…Hope to talk to you very very soon….I got messenger too if you find easier….Love Renata

  34. Hi Renata, your English has improved SO much in 30 years!!!
    My e-mail is:

    So many memories, so many years ago.
    Looking forward to our trans-atlantic chats!
    Love, Michele x

  35. Thanks honey…..I must improve it more and more….I’ll be e-mailing you as sonn as possible….for now I just can’t miss your birthday….HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELE!!!All the best in your life… the way I have just found my very very very old address book in which you have wrote Gary’s address as well as his birthday…address….anniversary….and of course you signed as Shell…very funny…..hope to show it to you one day….Love Renata.

  36. Hi Tim….I’m one of these fortunate girls who were lucky enough to find someone with such a wonderful heart as you.Many thanks for your job in making us get together again….Best regards, Renata

  37. Hi gorgeous PW girls (yes, we’re still girls at heart). This is great that we have a place to commune and share lovely memories of Paddock Wood. I was at PW in 1979/80. My room mate was Magna Hompes. Magna and I have reconnected. She came and visit me here in Indonesia for a month. It was like the good old days. I am still looking for Louise Rowe and Sarah Hickson. Please keep me posted for any chance of a reunion. That will be fabulous. (indriena basarah)

  38. Lordes, thank you very much – to you too! Keep warm and happy over Christmas and I too wish all a very happy and healthy Christmas xx

  39. Querida Lourdes
    que lindo saber de ti. He estado en Mexico DF y te busque y busque. Pero la casualidad es que consegui a Virginia Benavides con quien hable por telefono en 1987 y luego en el 2003 la visite.
    Espero te comuniques, que lindo que nos conseguimos.
    Muchos besitos y espero noticias tuyas

    Carmen Cecilia

  40. Hi Michele,
    kind regards from Venezuela, I was at PW in 1975-1976.
    I remember you, I keep in touch with Joannette van der Vorm, ( Holland ) she was my roommate.
    Hope to hear from you soon.


  41. hi I went to paddock wood on 1979 -80 I” love to find all my friends Fiona Butcher , Louis , Inndrina, Mirentchu < katia etc………………….
    please let me know if you where I can find them

  42. I should mention, I’m in touch with the following girls from your year at PW and Fiona is one :o)

    Maria Lucia Saaibi
    Martina Jaffari
    Sue Goddard
    Julie Ann Armstrong
    Indriena Basarah
    Yalitza Marin
    Emely Leon (Aruba)
    Fiona Butcher
    Jane Elphick

  43. dear Tim, i wonder if you can help me in getting in touch with shohreh toufanian and Yasmin Amir parviz my dear friends in paddock wood . thank you

  44. Hello Indrina I am Mercedes Lauria , and have a lot of memories of those days I love to keep in touch with you and all aor common friends all my love !!!!!!!!

  45. Lourdes, como ha estado. Soy Gabriela Sada era la compañera de Virginia Benavides de Monterrey, voy a conseguirte los datos de Rosa Maria con su hermana Monica porque estaba ella viviendo fuera de Mexico…te los doy en la tarde. Que gusto saludarte. Carmen Cecilia Guillen a venido a Monterrey y no e tenido la oportunidad de verla, me mueo de ganas de poder convivir con todas otros momentos bonitos, ojala y se pueda. Yo no voy a la reunion pero a a la siguiente de seguro voy a ir. Estoy por mi nombre en FACEBOOK por si tienes ara que me agregues y poder estar en contacto. Cuidate muchisimo y que gsto saber de ti..
    Con mucho cariño,

  46. Hola Lourdes como estas?????? Que gusto saber de ti y de otras personas, desde que vino Carmen a Monterrey he querido saber de ti, pero no sabía cómo localizarte, acá seguimos en contacto con Martha Cedillo, Catalina Elosua, Virginia Benavides y Gaby Sada que fue la que me dijo. Ya vivo en Monterrey desde hace 13 años, pues cuando me case me fui a vivir a Morelia y luego me regrese a Monterrey. Mi correo es
    Saludos y a ver si nos ponemos en contacto.
    Rosa Ma. Nader

  47. hi pippa
    i attend PW with many other mexican girls, virginia benavides, gabriela sada, rosa maria nader, martha cedillo, isabel de la fuente, ana cecilia lara, angelina elizondo
    lourdes plaza , regina torreblanca and her sister mirna in 75,,, but i lost contact with almost everybody, except for rosa maria, martha and angelina, but i’ll be glad to
    know again from everybody!!!!
    catalina elosua (monterrey, mexico)

  48. Catalina, good to hear from you. I’m sure I have lots of your friends on my database, Gaby for sure and others too. This (Lightwater WordPress), isn’t my website but if you email me on I’d be happy to share the list with you. Lovely to have you with us! I wonder if you can make our Reunion on 18th June? Much love xxx

  49. With over 170 former PW students on our Alumna database, going back to the early 1950’s, I’d be pleased to hear from any former student who wishes to be added to it or is trying to find old friends.

    Please email me on:

    Thank you.

  50. Pippa, I am Rosa Ma. Nader, how nice to hear from you. It is a wonderful idea to make a list of P.W. students. I hope we can meet soon, but for now its great that we can communicate this way.

    Best regards,

    Rosa María Nader

  51. Rosa Maria. Great to hear from you. Please email me on so I can add you to the database of former students. This is not my website; you need to email me on the above email address. Thank you! Pippa x

  52. Dear Pippa,
    After a prolonged search of which you were an important part, my dear friend Sya Laidlay and I are not only in contact after 44 years away from Paddock Wood but I am also visiting her and her wonderful husband in Edinburgh.
    We are having a super time and in this lovely country. Our friendship picked back up as though no time had passed. It’s simply great and I wanted to share it with you.
    Sya’s e-mail is
    Hugs and love,
    Thamara Pesquera

  53. Hi indriena

    Are you the same girl who went to Lucie Claytons in 1981? My name was Elizabeth Allen from the north of England, and i was there for only 2 terms? We were both friends with Jenny Dixon-Smith. The reason I am on this site is that I am at present in Indonesia and I mentioned your name this evening to him! I thought I would google you and see what came up! I couldn’t find anything else but thought I’d see if it was you and if so what you’ve been up to over the years?

  54. Holaaa……oh My God….I didn’t know about this blog !!!! My name is Nelly Stephanou Im from Colombia and I went to PW in 1973 !! In any one of that time in this blog ????????

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