Rowan Pelling’s idea of a new ‘Rokeby Venus’

An entertaining coincidence this week.

Rowan Pelling’s amusing article on civic portraiture, in Tuesday’s Daily Telegraph, imagined how some modern day politicians might look if painted in the nude. Here’s a snippet from her article:

“Which raises interesting questions about civic portraiture. … Most of us would pay good money not to see Gordon Brown disrobe, but I know several matrons of the shires who would fork out a fiver to see David Cameron strike the same pose as his namesake by Michelangelo. But why stop there? I propose Jacqui Smith as Manet’s Olympia and Caroline Flint as Velázquez’s Rokeby Venus.”

The image that caught my imagination was the one about Caroline Flint.

Low and behold, by happy coincidence she was on the BBC’s Newsnight programme last night. Unworried by having other guests share her interview with Gavin Esler, she veritably sparkled in front of Gavin. Big smiles, rich red lips, long flowing dark black hair ….. oh, must stop.

But I simply couldn’t get the image of her as the Rokeby Venus out of my mind. I wonder, had she read Rowan’s article, and was she playing up to it. Just a thought.

One thought on “Rowan Pelling’s idea of a new ‘Rokeby Venus’

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