Graphics and the credit crunch

I’ve been a marketer for the last 20 years, with US and UK computer software companies and as an independent marketer. I’m keen on getting a message across and doing it as effectively as possible, which is why I think it’s always more powerful to combine text and graphics.

You know the phrase, “a picture is equal to a thousand words”.

And so it is with the credit crunch. I’ve read a lot of articles in the press and online, but none have shown the horror in quite such detail as these two articles in BBC News Online  THE US SUB-PRIME CRISIS IN GRAPHICS’ and ‘FORECLOSURE WAVE SWEEPS AMERICA’.


I particularly liked the combination of grahics in the article, and top marks go the Sub-prime Crisis in Cleveland graphic, in which are four choices, sub-prime lending, black areas, foreclosures, Deutche Bank properties. Shown on the right is the one on foreclosures:

NOTE: I have to say, I’m surprised at the lack of racial integration in the US, and how areas can be so clearly defined as ‘black’ areas. I’m pleased we don’t have the same concept here in the UK.

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