Ming’s career going down the toilet!

Ming_and_looIt’s one of my all-time favourite phrases – “My life is going down the toilet!”

I don’t quite know why, maybe it’s just a fun thing to say with plenty of expression on the word ‘toilet’, or maybe it’s the glorious juxtaposition of life’s success, loving relationships, and everything, being compared to detritus, and then being speedily flushed away without a second thought. For whatever reason it’s always tickled me.

Now, were I an important politician, I’d have seen a photo-call anywhere near a toilet as a complete no-no. So, why, oh! why, did Ming Campbell let him self be photographed next to a toilet, giving the press an opportunity to caption him in a photo, as The Sun have done.

The Sun, HERE, also, cruelly, said this about Ming:

“Beleaguered Sir Menzies Campbell tries to laugh off claims his leadership is heading down the pan — as he examines a LOO at a green project yesterday.”

“The Liberal Democrat boss was plagued by questions over whether he was up to the job at the party conference in Brighton.”

“Doddery Sir Ming, 66 — who earlier visited the city’s environmentally-friendly home “Earthship” — quipped: “I’m a failure.” He joked he was “scared stiff” of big speeches and had little control of his party.”

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