A trio of expert commentators are essential reading

Yep, it’s me on the foot and mouth disaster again.

Only this time, I’d like to point you to a trio of expert commentators:

  1. WARMWELL truly impressive eternal vigilance on animal disease and its eradication
  2. JONATHAN MILLER for powerful and passionate invective against fools and knaves
  3. MATTHEW WEAVER for necessary, vital, accurate and insightful reportage

Matthew Weaver in his Guardian newsblog is even kind enough to give me a mention, phewee!

I failed to mention in my blog post yesterday, that among the more serious effects of this outbreak, were those affecting livestock farming locally, as reported HERE by the BBC. 

This foot and mouth outbreak will result in three things:

  1. Genuine and truthful exposure of the true cause, or many heads will roll
  2. Ring vaccination in any subsequent outbreaks
  3. Damage to Government credibility – they’ve escaped prior blame, not now methinks with comments like, “Puzzled” by Environment Minister, Hilary Benn

Do follow the ‘Trio’, they’re essential reading.

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