Why stand for public office for the first time

It’s difficult not to make this too personal, and therefore probably boring. However, I believe it’s important to know something of the character of the person who puts themselves up for public office, no matter how painful a degree of self analysis might be, especially when written down. 

So here goes. Like many people I guess I’m a mixture of strong self belief and desire to see progress, tempered with English reserve and not wanting to seek the limelight.  I’ve always preferred playing team sports to individual sports; there’s more fun to be had in talking about how others and the team got on rather than about oneself. I guess I must like people – no matter who they are.

I believe in self reliance, learning how to cope with life without overly relying on others, and as an optimist, I believe things can always change for the better. I also believe rewards derive from taking risks, and I’m not just talking about huge risks, like climbing Everest, but those small risks about doing things out of one’s comfort zone. It’s this that builds confidence and strength in people and communities. I believe capitalism and the free market is immeasurably better than state control in pretty much most things. I’m an Atlanticist – seeing our similarity to America rather than Europe.

So, there you are, a bit about me. Standing as a candidate for Surrey Heath Borough Council contains risk – but I’m sure there are rewards – in seeing things get done that improves the lot of everyone in Lightwater and Surrey Heath.

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